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We are the LEADERS - First Aid and CPR Training in The Bahamas - "Providing Excellence in Cardiovascular Education"
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Qualified participants can complete a certification exam in the allied health field in which they graduated at your school. Upon passing, the person would receive a prestigious MedCA Gold Seal Certificate and be able to present it to any perspective employer which will increase their chance of being placed.


Having a MedCA certificate signifies that the graduate is proficient in their field and passed a MedCA certification exam. Passing a MedCA certification enters the graduate into a very exclusive membership of highly distinctive professionals.

A Patient Care Technician is a health technician working under the supervision of a registered nurse, physician, or other health professional to provide basic patient care. Duties may include taking vital signs, obtaining blood and urine samples, performing basic diagnostic tests, and assisting the physician as needed.

Necessary requirements: Graduation from High School (or equivalent), and graduation from an approved PC1 program within the last 10 years.


1 year work experience as a Patient Care Technician

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