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We are the LEADERS - First Aid and CPR Training in The Bahamas - "Providing Excellence in Cardiovascular Education"
A first response leader is the first medically trained person to arrive at an emergency situation. Whether the responder is a security officer, policeman, firefighter, or clerk, this is a highly stressful and intense position requiring a person with poise.Thinking and Delegating Skills
  • A first response leader must have superior thinking and delegating stills to handle emergency situations. He must recognize the severity of the situation and then come up with the most effective plan to solve problems.
    Communication Skills
    • A first responder must be able to translate her assessment of the situation and quickly give other responders instructions. Medical Training
    • At minimum, a first response leader should have some knowledge of first aid. Knowledge of CPR, and other first aid basics is important, as a large part of a responder's job is to provide pre-hospital help, which often includes stabilizing a victim long enough for an ambulance to arrive.
      The first responder training is intended to fill the gap between First Aid and EMT-Basic.  A certified first responder can be seen either as an advanced first aid provider, or as a somewhat limited provider of emergency medical care.   Topics include:
      • Introduction to the EMS System
      • The Well Being of the First Responder
      • Legal and Ethical Issues
      • The Human Body
      • Lifting and Moving Patients
      • Advanced Airway Management
      • Patient Assessment
      • CPR / AED
      • Medical Emergencies
      • Bleeding and Soft Tissue Injuries
      • Muscle and Bone Injuries
      • Pediatric and Infant Emergencies
      • Environmental Hazards
      • EMS Operations
      • American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) First Responder
      • (2 year expiration)
       What is the length of the course?  
      • First Responder- 40 hours
      • 7-hour sessions
      • 9am – 4pm
       What is the cost of the course?          
      • Options are available please call for pricing
       Additional Information?  
      • Maximum 25 students per session
      • Minimum per class 8
      • Text book included
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