CPR Bahamas - CPR & FIRST AID CLASSES - , florida
We are the LEADERS - First Aid and CPR Training in The Bahamas - "Providing Excellence in Cardiovascular Education"
If you have a group larger than 5 people, we will bring an Instructor and equipment to you.

First Responders - Moving Fracture Victim

cpr class


March 11th Starts  @ 9AM

April 8th Starts  @  9AM
We teach CPR/First Aid AED & BLS Courses once  a  month (every 2nd Saturday).

We have created a CPR Training Center customized to the specific needs of the individual or group.
Time  9 AM
Cost:    $50.00 CPR    (for Nursing students, Babysitters $30.00) 
                     $ 80.00  First Aid AND CPR (for nursing students and group $60.00)
Location:  #149 Nassau Street.  Blue building next to Shoal Restaurant 

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